What is an online experience?
Joinrs's online experiences are free live digital meetings to directly meet companies, their teams, the technologies used and to first-hand discover jobs and careers that best suit you.

What is an

online experience?

Joinrs's online experiences are free, interactive and digital appointments to get to know better companies, their teams, and technologies or programs that they use, in order to find out more about the professional roles that may interest you.


Why should you join an online experience?
To make the right choices for your career! Online experiences let you meet teams at the companies you are interested in and participate in demos of programs and technologies used in different business settings. So, you can learn more about the industries and job roles that fit your studies. Joinrs helps you really understand which career challenge best suits your ambitions: online experiences were born with this aim.
Are online experiences free?
Absolutely! All of Joinrs services are completely free for users.
Who organizes the online experiences, and who are the experiences for?
Online experiences are organized by teams in companies that want to meet young talents and share a hands-on perspective of their work. The Joinrs team also organizes their own experiences. If you are studying at university or have already graduated and want to learn some practical details of your next job, online experiences are perfect for you.
How can I join?
Participating is super easy. We recommend that you view the dates and descriptions of upcoming online experiences and register for those you are interested in. Online experiences are LIVE digital appointments taking place on the Zoom platform. Once you have registered, remember to add the event to your calendar. Download Zoom to join from your computer or mobile device. If you have registered, you will receive an email with a link to access the online experience on the set date and time. Finally, make sure you have a good internet connection :)
I am looking for an internship or entry level job. How can online experiences help me?
On Joinrs, users who participate in online experiences are much more likely to find work in the following weeks. The reason is simple: by taking part in an online experience, you show the organizing company strong interest in a specific industry, program or job role. Therefore, after participating in the experience, we recommend that you immediately apply on Joinrs, in the Jobs section.
How many online experiences can I participate in?
There is no limit. Register and participate in all the online experiences that interest you!